Commissions Process

Looking for a personalised, meaningful art-piece to decorate your halls with? Or a gift for your deepest friend? I have completed over 25 commissioned masterpieces! Let’s turn that image in your head into a physical creation of your own vision. My training and experience in storytelling and concept design have given me the ability to create and compose mood and meaning in both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional creative works. Meaning, that I can help you realize a visual depiction of your unique vision!

1. The project is discussed

We conduct a personal, email or mobile discussion of your expectations, budget and ideas.

2. Resource Photos are supplied

You provide me with photos, texts or anything that would help me better understand what you are looking for.

3. Composition drawing is reviewed

I provide you with the sketched composition of what I will be creating and we discuss changes.

4. A contract is drawn up

We discuss payment, timeframes, delivery instructions and set up a comprehensive contract.

5. Product is delivered

Either I come to personally deliver the product or ship-it (dependant on our contract).

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